"Leaf Leap", Celebrating Greg Navratil's second solo show at Heinley Fine Arts

Oregon acrylic artist Greg Navratil‘s brilliant nature scenes combine heightened realism with a strong underlying abstract sensibility.

When you stand in front of one of his acrylic paintings, there’s a lot to take in. First there’s the size, which is generally large, with some paintings comprising numerous square panels adding up to several feet on each side. Then there’s the color. Many of Navratil’s paintings are blasts of unadulterated hues taken straight from the tube, and their brilliance is extra surprising because the subject matter is frequently sticks, dirt, leaves and bits of trash—things usually painted with subdued earth tones and grays. Perhaps most striking of all is the design of the images: crowded close-ups of surfaces and spaces densely packed with stuff. If the painting shows leaves, for example, it shows hundreds of leaves, all rendered with equal finish and commanding equal attention. The paintings leave your eye momentarily at sea, stranded without the usual guiding elements of clear focal points and visual cues. Making sense of all these visual sensations can be a touch overwhelming, but it’s also exciting.